How to Clear Your Space with Botanicals

For years I worked as an interior designer. I noticed after moving furniture around or arranging bookshelves, my arms would often ache, and I would feel unusually tired. On the suggestion of one of my herbal teachers, I began using a homemade essential oil “clearing” spray on my arms and hands once I got into my car. Weirdly (so I thought at the time) this relieved all of my symptoms. I begin bringing the spray into people’s homes and using it before I moved things around and often left a bottle for my clients. This sparked the development of my first product…now called “Lighten Up” essential oil spray (a best seller at the shop)!

One thing leads to another, and I began exploring other herbal clearing techniques in my own home. As an interior designer, I spent so much time focusing on the physical aspects of a space. I never really knew how to formally address the spiritual side of a space, especially when something felt off or heavy. In working with the plants, I learned how to shift the energy in a space, and depending upon which plant I was working with, bring in a specific feeling or vibration that I wanted. It was truly transformational.

Digging deeper, I understood historically fragrant plants have been used since the beginning of civilization to clear space, heal the sick, and promote spiritual connection. Now science verifies that burning plant material does purify the air of bacteria, germs, viruses, unpleasant scents, and more. It’s a winning combination.

Here are my tips + tricks for energetically clearing your space, plus my favorite clearing botanicals.

Simple Space Clearing Steps ~

Begin with a simple grounding exercise. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and anchor yourself by feeling roots fall from your tailbone into the earth.

Picture your roots intertwining with the roots of the trees. Watch your roots go deeper into the earth through layer after layer until they reach the center. Once connected, take several deep breaths pulling Earth energy up into your body.

Notice how this makes you feel. Next, pull that earth energy up into your heart center. Notice how it softens and expands your heart space. Offer gratitude for the tools you will be using to clear your space. Also, ask for help, support, or guidance from your guides or allies.

Set your intention. Why do you want to clear your space? It may be as simple as "to clear all stagnant or negative energies from my body or space."
Clear your space

Light the end of your burnable bundle over a small bowl or plate (earthenware is recommended here). Blow out the flame and use the smoke as your clearing tool. It is common to have to relight the wand several times if passing around a circle or clearing an entire home or place a charcoal round on a heatproof plate, bowl, or even a small coffee cup will work. The bottom will likely get hot, and the charcoal can stain…keep this in mind when choosing a dish. Light the charcoal with a lighter (it will spark, and heating up it will turn white). Place burning mixture or resins of the charcoal round, adding more as needed.

Clearing yourself

For personal cleansing, lightly breathe in the smoke. Start clearing above your head and go down and around your body to the ground your energy. Consider putting your dish on a solid surface and "pulling off" any heavy energy and transmuting it into the smoke. Do this until you feel clear. Use this same technique to clear another person.

Clearing Your Space

To clear your living space, consider opening at least one window or throw wide open many windows, if the weather allows.

Walk around each room with the smoke reciting a wish, prayer, or blessing (it can be as simple as cleanse & bless). Pay special attention to doors, windows, dark corners, and stagnant closets. Follow your intuition, and notice what you're feeling. There is no “right” way to do this. Just guidelines, so make it fun and try to perceive the energy shift.

Once space is cleared, call in the energy you want in your space. It can be the same for the entire space, or you can call in something different to each area, possibilities include: nourishment, joy, or connectedness in your eating space. In your sleeping space, call in rest, rejuvenation, and peace. Your bathroom might be about purification or letting go. Call in what you want in each space.

Once your home is complete, if you have not already (or you may feel like doing it again), clear your physical body. You may want to drink water and eat something grounding if you feel a bit jittery once you are complete.

I recommend clearing your space at least once-per-month. I prefer to do it when I have the house to myself. A clue to whether it's time to clear your space: things may feel heavy, or people are bickering or cranky. Get out your clearing tools (smudge, bowl, candle, or spray). See if you can shift the energy of your home! The results can be amazing.

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