Zoom Aura Mists with Flower Essences
Zoom Aura Mists with Flower Essences
Zoom Aura Mists with Flower Essences

Aura Mists with Flower Essences


Flower essences combined with essential oils, infused in pure water. (50 ml).

Use: Mist above and around your face and shoulders 5 times a day, everyday. Also works wonderfully as a mist for spaces and linens.


Boundless Wisdom
∴ Mindful awareness, sacred perspective, synchronicity
∴ Aroma: Earthy floral, like you're taking a walk into the woods.

Expansive Presence
∴ Powerful receptivity, luminescent expression, divine nourishment
∴ Aroma: Powdered Floral Wood.

Fierce Compassion
∴ Whole-hearted presence, fearless love, soft heart
∴ Aroma:Roses, Dirt, liquor, caramel. earthy, rich, floral.

Full Bloom
∴ Fearlessness, determination, unveiling hidden potential
∴ Aroma: Citrus spiced euphoria.

∴ Spacious mind, out-of-the-box thinking, rapid growth
∴ Aroma: Exotic and rich, like walking through the wet jungle. Sweet. Smoky. Clean.

Infinite Love
∴ Loving kindness, magnetism, self expression
∴ Aroma: Nurturing rose, honey + mandarin.

Inner Peace
∴ Emotional support, confidence, comfort and ease
∴ Aroma: Grounding lavender + spices.

Inner Knowing
∴ Fearless pioneering, internal resourcing, effortless unfolding
∴ Aroma: Forest liqueur.

Inspired Action
∴ Wild creativity, laser focus, decisiveness
∴ Aroma: Exotic pink pepper, cardamom + citrus.

Joy Juice
∴ Laugher, playfulness, happiness
∴ Aroma: Joyous jasmine + citrus.

Lucious Embodiment
∴ Exquisite freedom, bold expression, spacious delight
∴ Aroma: Spicy floral.

Open Heart
∴ Fearless vulnerability, uninhibited surrender, intimate freedom
∴ Aroma: Floral fruit.

Quiet Mind
∴ Clarity, relaxation, sound sleep
∴ Aroma: Fresh green herbal.

Radiant Energy
∴ Vitality, energetic protection, resilience
∴ Aroma: Warm woods + citrus.

∴ Fearless speech, authentic expression, conviction
∴ Aroma: Spiced woods. Green.

Wild Abundance
∴ Prosperity, divine beauty, magic in everyday life
∴ Aroma: Floral + Wood: Jasmine, Iris, Buddhawood, Sandalwood.

Aura Mists with Flower Essences