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At Jewelweed we strive to offer inspiration, connection and wisdom as you uncover your unique gifts, claim sovereignty over your life and blossom into your full potential. We are a woman-owned and run business with a focus on collaboration with like-minded people and earth-centered practices. We offer a curated selection of goods and services meant to delight.

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Intuitive Gift Boxes

The perfect gift. Always topped with lots of love & flower petals.

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Herbal remedies, medicinal mushrooms, tintures, powders, elixirs & more.

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Skin & Body

All natural products for sacred bathing rituals & daily self care.

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Vibrational remedies for the energetic body.

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Burnables & Incense

Plant bundles, vetiver, copal, cedar, Palo Santo & more incense.

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Organic essential oils, diffuser blends, anointing oils, room & body sprays.

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Cacao, Tea & Coffee

Ceremonial grade cacao, artisan tea & more favorite drinks.

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Explorations on healing, our inner worlds, storytelling, magic, wisdom & much more.

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Tarot, oracle & inspirational decks.

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The Crystal Table

A curated, colorful & loving collection of gems from Earth.

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Jewelweed Blog

A collection of knowledge & wisdom around wellness, plant medicine, divination, crystal energy & so much more.

Elderberry Winter Immune Tonic

A cup of herbal tea during the Winter months is a daily ritual to appreciate the season's coziness and stay healthy by boosting your immune system. Many elderberry products have sugar/fructose, thickeners...

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