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At Jewelweed we strive to offer inspiration, connection and wisdom as you uncover your unique gifts, claim sovereignty over your life and blossom into your full potential. We are a woman-owned and run business with a focus on collaboration with like-minded people and earth-centered practices. We offer a curated selection of goods and services meant to delight.

We hope you find something you love here.

Intuitive Gift Boxes

The perfect gift. Always topped with lots of love & flower petals.

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Herbal remedies, medicinal mushrooms, tintures, powders, elixirs & more.

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Skin & Body

All natural products for sacred bathing rituals & daily self care.

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Vibrational remedies for the energetic body.

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Burnables & Incense

Plant bundles, vetiver, copal, cedar, Palo Santo & more incense.

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Organic essential oils, diffuser blends, anointing oils, room & body sprays.

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Cacao, Tea & Coffee

Ceremonial grade cacao, artisan tea & more favorite drinks.

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Explorations on healing, our inner worlds, storytelling, magic, wisdom & much more.

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Tarot, oracle & inspirational decks.

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The Crystal Table

A curated, colorful & loving collection of gems from Earth.

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Jewelweed Blog

A collection of knowledge & wisdom around wellness, plant medicine, divination, crystal energy & so much more.

Love Elixir Recipe

We love this elixir at Jewelweed - it is soooo good! This simple love potion, with herbal aphrodisiacs, is warming, stimulating while also being relaxing (herbal magic), heart opening and...

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Gift Giving Guide 2022

Gift Giving Guide 2022As we enter into this time of seasonal darkness, we encourage you to plant the seeds of your wishes and dreams for the new year, and to...

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I heard the word “Shopkeeper” recently and it stopped me…as some words do. It is a common term but it looped in my head all day. How very different this...

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