Vendor Highlight: Amy Sabatier

In our little (and mighty!) shop, we have a lot of gratitude for the wonderful people we work with. We look for the best products for our customers, and we know each of our vendors. We like to feature artists, companies and businesses with values that match our own: sustainability, wellness, connection with nature, beauty, and community.

Today, we highlight jeweller extraordinaire, Amy Sabatier!


- Let's start at the beginning... What is the origin story of your business? How and why did you start?
The origin of my jewelry business is rooted in my childhood. I grew up with artistic parents, collectors and artisans in their own right. Day jobs were present but their highlight was always weekends searching for or making art.  My mom and dad took me to many auctions, markets and antique shows. I started consistently pausing at the jewelry - wondering about the story behind the piece. I also paused at the vintage photos and again looked for that story of where they lived, and what they did each day, and I noticed their accessories. I still have my collection of these photos on hard cardboard or tin. This blossomed into my first mini jewelry business, at about the age of 10, of making clay beads, baking them in the oven and assembling my own pieces - which then developed into buying vintage pieces, breaking them down and playing with ways to use them in new pieces.  Working with my hands quickly became my medicine and although it has had some pause in my life, I am glad to be back at it and fulfilling my artistic dream of working as a metalsmith.  

- What did you want to do/be as a child?
An astronaut, a speech pathologist, an artist.
- Do you see this childhood dream present in some shape or form today?
One of the three! I should elaborate that I didn’t pursue Art as a degree; I thought if I couldn’t draw or paint, then I wasn’t a true artist. There was also that mishap of a cookie jar that cracked in the kiln in art class in junior high - my mom always kept Swiss Miss packets in there instead (ha!). I think that although my parents had this love for art, they didn’t consider it a full-time job or one that could potentially support you - so I also didn’t consider it a path at that time. 
Footnote: I double majored in Political Science and Russian with a concentration in International Relations. I married French and procreated in Germany where we lived for seven years in Dusseldorf, returning to the US in 2007 with a 5-year-old! I have spent time working in the plastic compounding industry, tutoring English while in Germany, working in the creative teacher’s center for a school district in Pennsylvania, and making and packing handmade chocolates locally (yes total bucket list and probably 10lbs of gain). Fast forward 20 years or so and I arrived back at my passion for jewelry and the story that follows.
- What are the foundational values of your business? What is really important to you?
Creativity and the story, the inspiration
Healing and uplifting with the powerful energy of stones incorporated
Sustainability in terms of recycled metals and tools
Supporting and lifting up other artists and their crafts
Collaboration over competition
Additionally, for me, the pull between creativity and commerce is a difficult one.  I am constantly choosing to be aware of my passion for creating new things, telling you the story of someplace I have adventured. This shines the most in my one-of-a-kind or collector’s series pieces. For the commerce side of things, I am also aware that I need to support this artistic lifestyle and so I do value and incorporate staple pieces that my customers have shown me they love and are what I consider entry pieces into my work. These everyday pieces need to have my voice still but provide some of that commerce as well. I choose to support other artists in my work by using many handmade artisanal tools, hand-cut cabochons by lapidary artists, my logo has been handmade by a local watercolor artist … and so much more. I enjoy collaboration and trying new things with my artistic tribe.
- What is the story behind the name of your business?
Amy Sabatier Designs – Adventure Inspired Jewelry
Again, the love for adventure, building pieces that tell the story of a place travelled to (or even a feeling I had being there), a connection that I want to keep, treasure and share. Nature, cities, faraway lands, a hike I took with my dog a mile from my house – all of it.
- Being an entrepreneur is not always easy; what has inspired you to keep going in the low moments?
Over time, I have discovered that this small business of working with hands is incredibly therapeutic. I keep going because it is simply who I am. It is also very important to note that having a home for my work, like Jewelweed, is very uplifting and nurturing. Being a part of this community of healers and feeling the love each time I arrive on your doorstep is something that truly keeps me going. I am very fortunate.  
- What is your favorite of all the products you create, and why?
How long do you have?  Ha!  Anything OOAK. Recently, my Rock Collector’s series. I collect found stones on hikes or travelling and then incorporate them with gemstones for a unique story-based piece inspired by the feelings, the colors, the moments.
- What practices bring you joy and inspiration?
The Process. 
Adventuring, traveling, learning new techniques (taking classes - sneak peek: some goldsmithing is on the horizon). 
 I really enjoy switching it up in the studio: some days you will find me hammering out my feelings and other days gently molding clay metal to fire in my kiln. I love pouring over my vast stone collection and taking them to sketch paper, designing new pieces. A secret is that I don’t love my own drawing, yet it is a practice that brings me so much joy and a process that holds so much intention and happiness. It is integral to some of the work I am most proud of. 
Podcasts, solely on artistic process - always listening and learning.
Oh and hammers/tools! Lots of them. I have treasure-hunted in so many places for some of the vintage tools that I use, including Paris. Yes, that was me who put a huge handful of vintage stamps, hammers and tools through the metal detector at the Eiffel Tower and again at Versailles after a serious journey through a Parisian flea market.  Heavy suitcases and pure joy. That is all.
***My “tea”  today while I enjoy answering your questions:
Matcha latte - handmade with ceremonial grade matcha, oat milk and blue spirulina - she looks like mother earth and is sooooo good.  
We are grateful for Amy to answer our questions with such a kind heart. We enjoy getting to know her better and look forward to her next collections!
You can follow Amy on Instagram, and watch her talk about her process in the video here.
Jewelweed has been carrying Amy Sabatier Designs since 2018, and we always love seeing her beautiful jewelry in the shop. Right now we have the full collections of her Tarot and Zodiac necklaces (both available online and in the store), as well as many unique pieces.