Gift Giving Guide 2022

Gift Giving Guide 2022

As we enter into this time of seasonal darkness, we encourage you to plant the seeds of your wishes and dreams for the new year, and to give gratitude for all the gifts you have received.

In our gift guide, we offer you a few intentional, artisanal, earth-friendly gifts to shower upon the ones you love.

1. Warm Drinks
Here at Jewelweed we are a bit obsessed with drinking chocolate. We often refer to it as cacao. This is not your standard hot chocolate (which is typically full of sugar and additives) but rather a healthy beverage ranging between 75% - 100% cacao. Cacao is a superfood with mood enhancing qualities, full of magnesium and antioxidants that leaves you feeling sated and happy. It is a wonderful way to start your day, as a mid-afternoon pick me up or as an extra in your coffee, smoothie or other hot drink. We offer a recipe card for a daily cacao ritual which makes this an even better gift! Our favorite add-ins include adaptogenic powders + flower essences. 
New in the shop we have a line of herbal, loose teas. They have wonderful medicinal properties and yummy flavors. Our favorite at the shop is the Chaga Chai blend! They are packaged in the cutest tin canteen, and we even have in new tea pot infusers to match!  
Also, we recently discovered a new blend of Elderberry Syrup full of yummy herbs and adaptogens for sleep, stress, restoring our energy, and keeping everyone healthy in the house. With each bottle we include the cutest recipe card!
For an extra special gift include a hand crafted earthenware mug that unites the elements of earth, fire and water into one amazing cup of warm delicious.

2. CBD

CBD is at the forefront of health and wellness this year and for good reason. Its powerful properties have helped many people. Cannabidioal, or CBD for short is a promising phytocannabinoid found in agricultural hemp recognized for its health benefits. Unlike Cannabis, CBD has no THC (the psychoactive substance). CBD is associated with feelings of relaxation while reducing anxiety, physical pain and other discomforts. For gift giving a staff favorite is the Pure Lee gummies. We also love the tinctures, bath bombs, bath salts, lotions and balms. New to the shop is Foria. This brand specializes in innovative health and sexual wellness with products to support intimacy, relief and optimal wellbeing. Products to check out include the cbd arousal oil and cbd aphrodisiacs blend!

We source from trusted brands and can help you choose the perfect gift.

3. Jewelweed Custom Gift Box

Create a custom gift from the heart that will make it just as fun to give as it is to receive. Build the box yourself or we can help you choose an assortment of items. Then we'll box it up and sprinkle it with flower petals.

4. Natural Body Care

Natural body care is something we cannot say enough about. Plants are such powerful skin healers which we have witnessed time and again. If you know anything about the US skincare industry, you know that many of the products on the market are full of chemicals (absorbed through our skin) which are harmful to our bodies in many ways. The natural skin care lines we carry at the shop embrace the Green Beauty philosophy and are non-toxic and plant derived. Not only does your skin look and feel great but you get the added bonus of plant healing every time you care for your face. Great gifts for the beauty in your life (young and old alike).

5. Oracle and Tarot Cards

Tarot and Oracle cards are all the rage this year. We have sold so many decks they are hard for us to keep in stock. What are they, you ask? What do they do? How do you use them? Tarot cards are a structured deck of around 78 cards with 4 suits (minor arcana) and 22 archetypal theme cards (major arcana). Each deck will have different symbolism but the meanings are similar across decks. Tarot decks often come with a guidebook and general tarot books work to give deeper meaning and history around the cards.

Oracle decks on the other hand can range from 6-100 cards. They are freer flowing and can feature any type of content. The author or artist generally has a theme that carries throughout the deck. Many have guidebooks but for some the words and art on the card carry the messages.

Contrary to what many may think tarot and oracle cards do not predict the future, rather they are meant to be a spiritual tool to connect you to your inner wisdom. The act of sitting down and asking important questions, pulling cards, examining the pictures and meanings, allows one the time and space for answers, inspiration and shifts in thinking to occur. You can choose a card for a specific issue or ask for an inspirational message of the day. You can work with one card or many. The guidebooks often offer several options (spreads) that you can do to work with the cards.

Choose a deck based on attraction and instinct. What calls to you? What feels good in your hands? When choosing a gift, I often think of the person I am buying for and through that lens look around and see what catches my attention. Have fun with it and think of creative ways to bring these beautiful decks into your life.

6. Locally Made Artisan Jewelry

Amy Sabatier makes amazing one of a kind treasures! Her signature look is turquoise + silver that we can not get enough of. Stop by for her pop-up Dec.12 for a larger selection!

Our Karma Stacks collection has grown this year! Each crystal bracelet is created by Jeanna to cultivate feelings of compassion, peace, healing + strength.

New to the shop is Annie Band. She is located in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Check out our Instagram to learn more about her creations & story!

7. Words are Magic

Our curated collection of unique books will intrigue the curious, the crystal lovers, the herbalists, the healers, the health conscious, the cooks, the astrologers, the foragers, the feminists and more.

The new feminists are seekers, healing themselves, their families, and the earth, while renewing ancient spiritual practices, claiming their sovereignty, using their voices, and balancing the relationship with the masculine. Each woman is on her own unique path but garners wisdom from the women who have traveled before her.

Classic titles and new releases available.

8. Botanical Burnables

Botanical Burnables are showing up everywhere. We absolutely love working with them. Science has proven what many indigenous people have known for thousands of years. Burning plant material purifies and disinfects the air. In addition many believe that the smoke also clears negative and unwanted energies on a more subtle level. I use burnables to space clear my home on a monthly basis, to set sacred space for personal or professional work and as a pick me up when I feel stuck and need clarity or inspiration.

Burnables take on many different forms including incense sticks, dried herb bundles, and mixes requiring a charcoal round to burn them. Commonly burned plants include white sage, palo santo, cedar, sweetgrass, mugwort, lavender and resins of copal, frankincense and myrrh. For those sensitive to smoke we carry smokeless options that feature essential oils and hydrosols.

9. Crystals!!!!

We love our crystals just as much as we love our cacao here at Jewelweed! Crystals are not only a beautiful piece of Mother Earth you can hold in your hand, but they each have their own personality that works with your energy in a unique way.

Browse our crystal table and find which stones call to you or come with a specific intention in mind for healing yourself or a loved one. We have all shapes, colors and sizes. Crystals make fun unique gifts for friends, family, spouses (yes men like them too) and kids.

One loop around the crystal table and you are bound to find a crystal that brings you joy - a perfect gift to share with others.

10. All Natural Candles

All of our Candles are scented with 100% essential oils (something that is so hard to find!). All other fragrances are chemicals and detrimentally affect indoor air quality. These lovely candles not only smell heavenly but provide aromatherapy health benefits. They are simply irresistible.

11. Diffuser + Essential Oils

You can completely change your environment by simply diffusing an essential oil. Diffusers are a safe and effective way to experience the health + wellness benefits of essential oils with ease and simplicity. Stressed? Try lavender. Need to increase focus and recall? Try rosemary. Need a mid-winter pick me up? Try peppermint or orange. Fighting off a cold? Try eucalyptus. Looking for something to spice up the night? Try ylang ylang or sandalwood. You get the idea. These make truly fabulous gifts!

12. Herbal Remedies

Of course this is one of our favorites. Consider remedies to ease stress and anxiety, soothe digestive complaints, aid in a sounder nights sleep, build up the immune system or sharpen the mind. Ask us for ideas and we can help you select something special.

New in the shop: Rainbo medicinal mushroom tinctures are a lovely addition to your hot drinks.

13. Gift Card

Last but not least a Jewelweed gift card. Some feel this is somehow cheating but the truth is it saves you time and ensures the recipient gets exactly what they want. Its simple, efficient and practical (and at Jewelweed pretty too!)