Petals for Purpose & Jewelweed

We were honored to have Daphne light up our front window for the month of August in 2021. Daphne is a lovely creation blooming with summer flowers, brought to life by one of our first and favorite customers, Dawn Schelle and her business: Petals for Purpose. She really put her heart and soul into this beauty to raise funds to support women who are victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Daphne is wisdom, a protector, and a light. She fulfilled her role of shining light for women who need sanctuary and reminding them that they are protected, held and whole with grace and divine radiance. We raised $1,700 in donations for the Sojourner Project: a local shelter and resource center for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. 

Although Daphne has moved on from Jewelweed to continue her work, it is not too late to donate to this worthy cause. You can send donations of any amount through the Sojourner Project's website.