Zoom Silver Tarot Card Necklace
Zoom Silver Tarot Card Necklace
Zoom Silver Tarot Card Necklace
Zoom Silver Tarot Card Necklace

Silver Tarot Card Necklace


18” Sterling Oval Link Chain.

Made in MN by jewelry artist Amy Sabatier.


Choose the Silver Tarot Necklace that resonates with you because of its meaning, visual, or because it is your personal birth card. These beautiful Tarot necklaces can be a source of support, a way to acknowledge your qualities or recognize something you have accomplished.

You might resonate with more than one card - alternate or wear them together.


0 - The Fool - 0:

New beginnings, spontaneity, leap of faith, enthusiasm, innocence, positive change. The Fool suggests the start of a journey, either actual or metaphorical. It can speak of the need to explore and the desire for adventure.


1 - The Magician - I:

Will-power, taking action, focus, resourcefulness, beginnings, self-belief. The Magician Indicates the start of a new cycle in your life. Embrace your inner power, pay attention to your inner voice and look out for a flash of inspiration.


2 - The High Priestess - II:

Mystery, intuition, hidden truths, wisdom, accessing the unconscious, dreams. A figure of mystery, wisdom and spiritual growth. It can appear when you need to use intuition rather than logic to find an answer to your problems.


3 - The Empress - III:

Harmony, femininity, nurturing, abundance, fertility, mother figure, creativity. This card is a lot about fertility, and can refer to a time when your mind is full of creative ideas. If you want to paint, to write, to learn a new language, this card is your inspiration.


4 - The Emperor - IV:

Authority, building, responsibility, leadership, father figure, structure. This card is a reminder of how powerful it is to want something. Sometimes people disagree with your goals, but if you fix your intention, you will move forward.


5 - The Hierophant - V:

Determination, education, mentorship, formality, tradition, structure, spiritual guidance, group identity. This card suggests a time to learn from other people and their wisdom. Teachers can come in many ways, and yours can be a spiritual leader, a family member or a friend.


6 - The Lovers - VI:

Partnership, choice, trust, loyalty, commitment, love, choices, duality. This card can show harmony and attraction or indicate there is an important choice to be made. It can also represent the inner union between your own masculine and feminine.


7 - The Chariot - VII:

Conquest, victory, success, control, relocation, movement, ambition, willpower. The Chariot suggests a situation that requires personal strength. You will overcome, don’t give up. 


8 - Strength - VIII:

Integrity, inner strength, courage, self-confidence, perseverance. When this card appears you can know that you have inner strength to draw on. You work from a position of love, which could lead others to underestimate your powers. 


9 - The Hermit - IX:

New path, introspection, inner guidance, spiritual quest, wisdom, soul-searching, solitude. This card can suggest a need to take some time to reflect without distraction. Wear it as a way to honor your needs.


10 - The Wheel of Fortune - X:

Surprise, cycles and phases, sudden turns in life, positive change, good luck, destiny, karma. This card can refer to the passing of time, the promise of good luck and a message not to let opportunities pass by.


11 - Justice - XI:

Law, Natural order, balance, fairness, trust your decision, truth. This card suggests you take responsibility for your own actions in the past and present. The decisions you are making now can come back to you.


12 - The Hanged Man - XII:

Meditation, patience, pause, transition, awakening, surrender. This is a card of deep psychic power. Move forward by standing still. What is needed is rest and reflection rather than action. The Hanged Man helps us see a situation from a different perspective.


13 - Death - XIII:

Transformation, from shadow to light, change, new chapter, release, cleansing, rebirth. Although initially this card can be thought to refer to a brush with death or a death of a loved one it is more likely to refer to CHANGE or the death of a mode of being.


14 - Temperance - XIV:

Patience, inspiration, adaptation, moderation, serenity, balance, purpose. This card is concerned with moderation, avoiding extremes and taking a middle path. You can blend things together that your previously thought incompatible and create something new.


15 - The Devil - XV:

Limitation, excess, personal demons, passion, lust, cruelty, challenge, desire, ambition. This card is an invitation to look at addictions and habits that keep you restrained and to take responsibility for making changes - while staying in touch with stability and keeping a sense of humor.


16 - The Tower - XVI:

Sudden change, liberation, enlightenment, truth revealed, upheaval, unexpected events, crisis. This card can mean an unexpected change or a sudden shock. It can be a reminder that you can’t always control what is thrown at you, but you can control your reactions. Life-changing events often lead to better opportunities.


17 - The Star - XVII:

Hope, optimism, dawn, grace, positive future, lifting force, sense of purpose, protection, guidance, confidence, respite. This card can suggest you have been through a challenging time, but things are getting better. You have gained insight. A restful card that brings the hope of healing and the advice of the universe.


18 - The Moon - XVIII:

Deception, illusion, inconsistency, imagination, uncertainty, perception, subconscious, intuition. This is a card of psychic development and connects deeply with your subconscious mind. It can warn you and advise you to look carefully at the road ahead of you.


19 - The Sun - XIX:

Happiness, achievement, joy, health, satisfaction, prosperity, positivity, warmth, success. This is an optimistic card offering a positive outcome to your questions and announcing a time of confidence and success. Encourage negative feelings to pass, and happiness and abundance to be present.


20 - Judgement - XX:

Assessment, judgement, vitality, rewards, renewal, rebirth, processing, salvation, forgiving. This card can be about processing old memories, forgiving past mistakes and judging without condemnation. This can mean a time to take stock and see how you got to where you are now. 


21 - The World - XXI:

Completion, triumph, wholeness, personal freedom, true vocation, chapter closing, achievement. The World is the final card in the major arcana and invites recognition. It represents fulfillment and marks the accomplishment of a project or a phase of your life.

Silver Tarot Card Necklace