Zoom Lily Circle Flower Essences
Zoom Lily Circle Flower Essences
Zoom Lily Circle Flower Essences
Zoom Lily Circle Flower Essences

Lily Circle Flower Essences

The Lily Circle are lily flower essences arranged in a medicine wheel representing the life cycle. From birth through death, the different essences help through the various challenges and traumas. The essences bestow receptivity, intuition, and open-heartedness.

If you are interested in a deeper learning of Flower Essences, we recommend the book the Language of Plants, written by the creator of Lily Circle flower essences Julia Graves.


Madonna Lily
∴ Intuition, Receptivity, Purity

∴ Positive Bonding, Healing the Inner Child

Yellow Daylily
∴ Joy, Playfulness, Spontaneity

Star of Bethlehem
∴ Consolation, Shock, Trauma, Embodiment

Wild Pink Tulip
∴ (Self) Acceptance, Love

Fairy Wand
∴ Relief, Imagination, Magical Reality

Red Onion
∴ Connectedness, Wholeness

Himalaya Lily
∴ Gracefulness, Youthfulness, Puberty

∴ Zest for Life, Balanced Activity

Wild Red Tulip
∴ Healing Deep Trauma, Resilience

Wild Yellow Tulip
∴ Emotional Balance

Toad Lily
∴ Shift, Change, Purification, Seeing Things Clearly

∴ Release, Healthy Boundaries

∴ Self-Empowerment, Facing Challenge

∴ Rejuvenation, Focus, Break Through

Lily of the Valley
∴ Love, Compassion, Inner Peace

Solomon’s Seal
∴ Protection, Coordination

White Trillium
∴ Balance of Power in Relationships

Grape Hyacinth
∴ Finding One’s Voice, Communication

Tiger Lily
∴ Creative Power, Balanced Self-Expression

∴ Overview, Seeing the Whole, Insight

Meadow Saffron
∴ Transcendence, Higher Consciousness

Asian Lily
∴ Transformation, Renewal

Lily Circle Flower Essences