Zoom Intro to Human Design: Energy Types- June 19th

Intro to Human Design: Energy Types- June 19th


Wednesday, June 19th



Have you ever wondered how to create more expansion in your life? Do you have the sense that your soul is leading you somewhere, but you have a hard time grasping how to get there? Are you looking for more ease and flow in your life? 


Human Design is a modality that helps you to discover who you are at your core and what your soul came here to do. Human design is a combination of four ancient modalities: astrology, chakra system, Chinese I-Ching, and Kabbalah. The information from these systems is seamlessly integrated into one, creating a personalized blueprint of your energetic body. Through Human Design, you learn to reconnect with your soul, support your energy, and live in alignment with who you truly are.


In this class, we will dive into the foundation of your Human Design chart: your energy type. We will explore what this means and how to support yourself and your specific energetic makeup. Human Design can help you understand what your purpose is and how you are meant to navigate through the world. You will walk away with practical tools to help you support your energy, as well as skills to help recognize what true alignment looks and feels like. Overall, we will talk about how Human Design can support you in showing up more authentically in the world.


Each class participant will bring home a crystal that corresponds to their energy type.


Instructor Bio:

"Hi, my name is Emily Lehtola. I am a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and human design reader. I am passionate about helping others reconnect with themselves to find more ease, flow, and creativity in their lives. 

I discovered human design in 2020, at a time in my life when I knew my soul was asking for something much deeper, but I didn’t know what to do. The information felt so freeing and expansive for me - my worldview completely opened up in a way I had never experienced before. I have continued to study human design ever since and I have seen how it has impacted my life and others around me."


Are you ready to live as your true self? In alignment with your soul?

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Bring a notebook/journal.
8 participants maximum. Our events tend to sell quickly; don't wait to register if you are interested.

All sales are final (no refunds), but you may gift the class to another person (let us know their name and email address).

Intro to Human Design: Energy Types- June 19th