Zoom Evolutionary Astrology Birth Chart Reading + Forecast- July 10th

Evolutionary Astrology Birth Chart Reading + Forecast- July 10th


In Sharri's readings, she will help you explore the terrain of your soul through the wisdom of Evolutionary Astrology as well as which herbal or flower essence recommendations suit you best in this time and space.

"Evolutionary Astrology is a spiritual approach that analyzes the cycles and patterns of the celestial bodies which correspond to our soul's evolution through our natal birth charts. By understanding the language of the stars and planetary forces, we better understand ourselves and how to live our best life in time and space. The planetary cycles reflect the intelligence of the Universe as a divine synchronized clock and we are all interconnected and related to these patterns.

Astrology is a language and astrologers interpret these celestial alignments and archetypes playing out with accuracy and mindfulness to empower people to be more of themselves, own their individuality, and be their best selves by knowing shadows and gifts that are associated with their cosmic blueprint. The natal chart is a map of the soul's journey. In an astrology session, we explore the terrain of your soul by taking a bird's eye view of all the working parts to create awareness and embodiment of the highest potential. By understanding where we come from, where we are, and where we are headed, we are better able to orient ourselves in the world." 


Sharri Keller is an eternal student of the Universe and is so grateful to have come across the wisdom of Evolutionary Astrology as well as tuning into the plant world. Observing the continuity in people, planets, and plants has helped restore her connection with herself, her family, and her relationship to the world. 

Sharri is a beloved member of the Jewelweed circle helping us showcase the shop through her photographs. For additional information, please check out her website: 



This offering is for a 1 1/2 hour birth chart reading and an astrological forecast with Sharri at Jewelweed (at the back table). 

The shop will be open and there will be some respectful activity around you during your reading. Just as in life, we are part of an ongoing movement. If you want a completely private reading, contact Sharri directly.

To sign up, please choose your time by clicking on the word "Time" and selecting from the drop-down menu.

Your birth chart will be prepared in advance. We will follow up with an email getting your birth date, time, and place after purchase.

Sessions are non-refundable.  

Evolutionary Astrology Birth Chart Reading + Forecast- July 10th