Zoom Automatic Writing: From Spirit to Paper- August 7th

Automatic Writing: From Spirit to Paper- August 7th

Wednesday, August 7
6 - 8 p.m

Join us for an enlightening journey into the world of automatic writing with Katie Polles, a seasoned tarot reader with an MFA in Creative Writing. This class will introduce you to the art of automatic writing, where you’ll begin learning to channel messages from Spirit Guides with the effortless flow of words from pen to paper. 

With compassionate guidance and a practical approach, Katie makes automatic writing both accessible and transformative. In this class, you’ll be guided through this intuitive practice beginning with a meditative journey to open the connection with your Guides. Raising your vibration, and making you more receptive to messages. You’ll explore using automatic writing to move messages from your Guides, through you, and onto the page, bringing insights from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. We’ll practice these techniques and address ways to overcome blocks that may hinder your connection.

By the end of this class, you'll have the tools you need to begin a relationship with your Spirit Guides through automatic writing. Enriching your spiritual journey with their messages, a deeper connection to your intuition, and empowering insights. 

Whether you're new to spiritual practices or looking to enhance your intuitive abilities, this class is perfect for deepening your spiritual connection and exploring the wisdom of the Universe. 

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Bring a notebook/journal.
9 participants maximum. Our events tend to sell quickly; don't wait to register if you are interested.

All sales are final (no refunds), but you may gift the class to another person (let us know their name and email address).

Automatic Writing: From Spirit to Paper- August 7th